10 Years of Magic Celebration Down Under

  Recently I met a Hollywood Media Mogul who spent half a day discussing his ideas on magic with me. I have never met anyone so convinced of their own philosophy and accomplished in the execution of it. His code for life was even tattooed on his arm! He was very clear about the foundation […]

Blow Your Savings And Be Rich!

BLOW YOUR SAVINGS AND BE RICH What if you could blow your savings and end up with more than you ever had before?? That’s how I’ve always done it!! There are always themes to my coaching sessions. There are times when everyone who comes to me wants to be a musician, or I deal with […]

The Character of Living Your Dreams

  Let me get straight to the point here. The most overlooked aspect of being a powerful creator is also the very thing that will lead you to the most brilliant end results in life, outcomes so great they are beyond anything you could have imagined. Quite simply, I’m talking about character. I’m very grateful […]

You Can Create What You Want Right Now!

YOU CAN CREATE WHAT YOU WANT RIGHT NOW!!! Most people would be surprised to learn that they don’t really live, but instead spend their lives preparing to live. Those of us who live in the creative orientation, who focus on going for what we love rather than running around trying to resolve our sense of […]

Think For Yourself and Grow Rich

It might be quite dated now, but a movie that had a profound effect on me was American Gigilo, especially the following scene…Cop: how can you do what you do? Gigilo: some people are above the law. Cop: these people that are above the law, how do they know? Gigilo: they ask themselves. Another movie […]

Attracting More Money

How do I Attract More Money! By William Whitecloud Everywhere I go in the US, it seems, everyone is talking about money, and rhetorically asking what the hell they have to do to get some. Well, that kind of desperate focus is a sure way to repel the stuff, I assure you! When it comes […]

“Natural Success” by William Whitecloud

TAP INTO YOUR GENIUS: You may know that I wrote Australia’s #1 best selling metaphysical book, The Magician’s Way. What you may not appreciate is that I made half a million dollars in book sales and many millions of dollars from trainings that people who read the book were then attracted to. I knew nothing […]

“William’s Inspiring Outlook for 2013″ by William Whitecloud

The year 2103 is going to be all about a new level of power for many a magician, I really believe that. For those of us who can use the shake up of 2012 to appreciate the structures that remain for us to let go of, a flow towards an even higher potential than we […]

“Musings on the Nature of Wisdom” by Willow Davies

Spirituality has become mainstream. Bumper stickers now caution us to “live in the moment”; magazines tell us to “live our wholeness”; teachers everywhere are touting “do what you love”; Confucius is urging us to buy the next mobile phone, and facebook proliferates with “inspirational quotes” telling us how we should be living our lives. This […]

“Metaphysical Myth #2: Will is Bad” by William Whitecloud

If you have ever had the privilege to see into your own or another’s soul, you will know that we are all brilliant beyond measure and that we came here to shine like diamonds. When we do so, we not only uplift whatever world we are a part of, we also feel the thrill of […]